Please help us to provide continual humanitarian aid and essential items to those affected by conflict.

Donate essential items, your time or financial assistance.


OHOB sends humanitarian aid to Greece and France, additionally, and very importantly we also supporting refugees and asylum seekers closer to home through accessing much needed household, clothing and essential food, hygiene or baby items, as well as fundraising for specifically requested items. We are also continually developing ways to benefit the community by promoting real and lasting integration with current projects and community events. We hold events to raise awareness and promote our work across schools, colleges, universities and communities and at conferences.


We are all volunteers and we fundraise within the community and across social media to support our humanitarian activities both locally and internationally. We work with many other Facebook groups, to get the aid where it is needed the most. So far across social media and with a few fundraising events we have raised nearly £40,000 since 2015 all of which we have invested back into our cause and helped us to continually collect and send aid as well as support those who have sought sanctuary in the South West of England.

From Big Sorts to fundraisers – stay up to date on all of our upcoming events, and come get involved!

Containers of Aid Sent
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