About OHOB

OHOB was initially set up in October 2015 as a Facebook Group called Open Hearts Open Borders – Refugee Aid; this was in response to the current refugee crisis and the tragic media images across our screens. As a group from Plymouth we started up collections and donation points and now send 40ft containers and pallets of aid to Greece, Syria and France. Soon, after setting up the Facebook group we discovered a real desire within the community of Plymouth and surrounding area, to be involved in some way to do more than sending aid into Syria and Europe.

Driven by a vision of the commonality of human beings OHOB firmly keeps at its heart the love and respect that transcends differences in our cultures and spiritual beliefs. As a grass roots organisation which is growing organically we are entirely supported by local people and the community of Devon and Cornwall. This type of empowerment is the best way to build solid and lasting foundations of mutual understanding and integration.

OHOB is becoming a real focus for change and integration with a network of volunteers and supporters ranging through individuals, South West businesses, church groups, refugees, clubs and associations, charities and community groups.

OHOB represents opportunities for all of us to grow as one compassionate, welcoming and integrated community by welcoming refugees and asylum seekers arriving or already living in Plymouth and our surrounding areas. 

In the long-term we aim to:

Continue with distributing international humanitarian aid relief across Europe

Ensure those who are fleeing conflict and dispersed to Plymouth and the South West feel welcome and safe.

Provide essential items to refugees and asylum seekers’ families and individuals within the South West.

To provide a befriending and mentor service for refugees and asylum seekers within the South West through integration and community projects.

Promote inclusion through our development and participation in the City of Sanctuary movement.

Continue hosting various fundraising and awareness events across the city to raise awareness and change perceptions.

Provide education and develop projects to promote integration, inclusion, and diversity.

Continue to partner with and support the amazing work of the organisations who have been for many years providing a service to all the refugees and asylum seekers in the city of Plymouth.

We are a grass roots community led organisation providing aid locally and internationally and we are all volunteers from the community across Devon and Cornwall. We want to look at long term solutions and welcome refugees into the city, into our hearts and into our communities. We simply want to help, so, OHOB provides a platform for this support and help to happen. We are registered with Companies House as OHOB Ltd – a company Limited by Guarantee – as a not for profit all our money goes back into the organisation so we can continue with our work. whilst also promoting love, integration and awareness. The original Open Hearts Open Borders – Refugee Aid a is now a charitable foundation registered with Prism the Gift Fund with a charity number which ensures we can continue our humanitarian work and can fundraise towards some really great causes and projects.

For further information please get in touch via email or Facebook.