There are over 57,000 refugees in Greece, they are either scattered, staying in UNHCR created settlements camps or they are staying in non organised facilities.

We are currently collecting much needed items to send over to Lesvos in Greece, we are working with various other Facebook Groups and with United Aid Rescue in Greece to get a container to the camps. Aid is desperately needed at the moment and we have been asked to help. If you would like to donate or volunteer please get in touch.

So far in 2016 and 2017 we have sent 6 pallets of aid over to Greece, this includes the Gift Boxes of Smiles from the appeal we launched in November 2016. Over 600 boxes were donated and these were sent to the women and children in the Alexandria Camp and the Oinofyta Voiotia Camp in Mainland Greece. This appeal will run once gain beginning in the Autumn in 2017.



  1. Hi,

    Which camps/organizations on Lesbos are you sending the latest container of items to? What with the alleged changes and Greek government to take over the camps, will the items be distributed properly?

    Many thanks


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