Community Projects

At our core is our community – OHOB belongs to the people of the South West!

We are set to launch some really great community projects. We are currently applying for funding so we can continue with our work in supporting these much-needed community initiatives. All the projects are linked by a common goal – integration.

Love, integration and inclusion run through the centre of each project, and how the community can get involved. True integration is mutually beneficial for all, and that is what OHOB represents. If you would like to be involved or help us to set up these projects please get in touch for more information.

The projects we are currently setting up and looking for financial support with are:

The creative drama project is intended to support young people and adults who have been displaced with creative practices to develop life skills and communication whilst encouraging diversity and inclusion with the community and breaking down barriers.

The opportunity to play with different or ambivalent identities is one of the keys to the transformative power of theatre. These proposed workshops will use a selection of theatrical and dramatherapeutic forms, appropriate to age group and language.

We aim to bring families and individuals together in the community to share experiences, develop friendships and simply enjoy spending time with each other.  Families from around the city of Plymouth and from the refugee and asylum seeker community will be able to meet, make friends and build a buddy network.

Sessions will take place once or twice a month in a relaxed and informal setting for 2 or 3 hours. Families will be able to share music, food, and games, participate in activities and workshops together. This will be a great way for local people in Plymouth to become good global citizens and raise their awareness of other cultures. Refugee and asylum seeker families and individuals will feel more welcomed and integrated into local Plymouth life. A programme of activities will be developed in advance and will be tailored to meet the needs of the group and the skills of the supporters.

If you would like more information about this project on how to get involved please get in touch. We have recently received £1980 by the Devon Community Foundation to help fund this project and we are all fund-raising for a further £1000 via the Just Giving Link – this will help us to run the project for 6 months.

Please click on the link if you would like to donate to the running of this project

In October 2016, we launched what is now set to become an annual event, coinciding with Hate Crime Awareness Week, to celebrate the diversity and love in Plymouth. We decided that as a community we wanted to celebrate love and diversity, we wanted to focus and build upon love and difference. The first event in 2016 was popular and well-attended, and after discussion with the main organisers of Hate Crime Awareness Week it was agreed we would make this an annual event. The event is set up and organised by members of OHOB and Freedom Field Community Festival.

As well as the Love diversity event, we also run smaller fundraisers and events throughout the year to raise funds and awareness which helps with overall running costs and sending aid.

For more information on how to participate please contact us via email

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