About OHOB

OHOB represents kindness, compassion, and a welcoming and integrated world. 

OHOB was set up in 2015 in response to the refugee crisis. Originally a Facebook group called Open Hearts Open Borders – Refugee Aid, we have now developed into a charitable organisation providing essential support to those in need whether this is through conflict, socio-economic status, circumstance or homelessness – we are here to help. We support refugees in Europe with humanitarian aid items, and we provide essential and basic items to various homeless, women’s and young people’s projects across the South West.

As a group of volunteers from Devon and Cornwall, we organise appeals and collections and we work closely with other grass root aid groups and charities. Our partners in Europe are Attika Human Support (Lesvos Greece) and Mobile Refugee Support (Dunkirk and Calais). We also ship to other projects in Europe on an ad hoc basis when requested. We welcome refugees and asylum seekers arriving or already living in the South West and across the United Kingdom by supporting and providing household and personal items for resettlement.

OHOB Ltd – Charitable Company No: 10297393 – Charity No: 1184631

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Give globally and locally, whilst also campaigning for the safe and legal routes of vulnerable children and adults across Europe.  We simply want to help our fellow human beings.

Provide humanitarian aid to our partners in France and Greece and ensure they receive the humanitarian aid required in order to sustain and support those living in refugee camps.

Provide a central drop off point for aid collections across the South West of England to develop a community spirit of working together to create change and provide a solution to the refugee crisis.

Support resettlement under the SVPR scheme in the South West of England by providing essential and household items to ensure refugees and their families so they feel welcome and safe.

Provide poverty relief and support through the provsion of essential items, or payments for goods and services to those who have through circumstance, socio-economic status, or homelessness find themselves in need.

Our Mission:

OHOB is about love, kindness, and unconditional giving. The overall aim and mission of OHOB is to ensure that those, who through poverty, disadvantage or conflict can start to rebuild their lives. Our work is primarily concerned with supporting the global and local community through the provision of humanitarian aid relief. We support refugee and asylum seekers in Europe with essential humanitarian relief – we provide other essential household and essentail items, and make payments for goods, and services to families and individuals in the UK who have been disadvantaged by conflict, circumstance, socio-economic status or homelessness.

 As a humanitarian aid charity, we are supported by not only the local community but also across the UK and Europe. We have built a solid and lasting foundation of kindness, compassion, love, and support to those less fortunate. We have become a focus for creating change through a network of volunteers and supporters ranging from individuals and families to South West businesses, church groups, refugees, clubs and associations, charities and community groups.

For further information please get in touch via email or Facebook.

Photo Credit Rosie Hartshorn