Donate Items

What to Donate

Dried and Tinned Food:

Tea, Instant Coffee, Sugar

Biscuits  (rich tea/ digestive/ malted milk etc)

Dried Fruit & Nuts

Tinned – Tomatoes, vegetable, chick peas, kidney beans, various other beans and lentils and various tinned fruit

Tins – Sardine and Tuna

Cooking Oil


Rice/Pasta – Large bags

Flour – Large Bags

Tahini – other pastes Tomato Garlic etc

Various herbs and spices

Juice (Cartons) and Long Life Milk

Baby Items:

Wipes and Nappies – Sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Baby Toiletries – Shampoo/Baby Wash

Baby Oil/Lotion/Talcum Powder

Nappy Rash Cream and Vaseline

Dummies/Spoons and Feeders

Muslin Cloths/Flannels/Baby Bibs


Shampoo and Conditioner

Shower Gel OR Soap

Toothbrush – Toothpaste

Lotion (Body Lotion/ Moisturiser)

Deodorant – Men and Women

Sanitary Towels

Adult Pads/Tena


Clothes detergent

Washing up liquid

All purpose-liquid cleaner/disinfectant

Plastic trash bags (Big size)


Lice lotion

Sun block/Mosquito repellent/Snake repellent

Hair brushes/Hair Bands/Nail cutters/Nail files

Clothing Items:

NEW Socks & Underwear ONLY:

Underwear – Men & Women – Small and Medium

Socks Mens – sizes 5 – 9 and Women’s 4 – 8

New Socks and Underwear – children – all ages and sizes

PJs for men, women and children (light ones for summer and fleece for winter)

Mens S & M ONLY:

Sweatshirts/Hoodies Jumpers, Long Sleeved T-shirts

Summer T-Shirt and Sweatshirts/Hoodies

Jeans/Tracksuit Bottoms/Trousers (NO suit Trousers or Suits)

Footwear Sizes 5 – 9:

New or Nearly New Trainers

Shoes and Walking Boots –

All footwear must be clean and in very good Condition – No holes mud or Dirt or Large Sizes!

Women’s Clothing – Sizes S & M (8 – 14):

Jeans and Trousers – Summer and Winter

Long skirts and Dresses (Dresses must cover chest area)

Long Sleeved T-shirts and Tops

Hoodies/Sweatshirts and Jumpers

Coats and Jackets – Summer and Winter

Hats, Scarves and Gloves – Larger Light Scarves for Hijabs

Shelter, Warmth and Larger Items:

Tents and Sleeping Bags (Clean and in good condition not broken zips or fastenings)

Blankets (Clean and in good condition)

Towels (New or very good condition and clean)


Suitcases and Backpacks (clean in good condition no broken zips)

Items Specific to Mobile Refugee Support in France

We collect the items listed above throughout the year. This ensures consistency and regular shipments to Europe and ongoing local support.

If you would like to run a collection in your area, school, business or community please get in touch via email: or via our group on Facebook

Find out where you can drop these items off by clicking on the icon below.