rafi+friends ‘Celebration of Difference’ – Children’s Education Project

rafi and friends was formed in 2015 by a group of international educators, artists, creatives who passionately believe that by educating the next generation to celebrate difference then there is hope for a peaceful future.

rafi+friends have conducted educational workshops in schools all over the UK as well as schools and refugee centres in France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy and Canada. 

Our first book, ‘rafi the refugee rabbit https://vimeo.com/202956434 and art based workshop encourages children to connect with refugee children through their Hopes and Dreams.

rafi+friends‘Celebration of Difference’music and art based workshop is centred on our latest book ‘rafis new friend, Gemmaand is a loving and humorous story about difference, kindness and love. https://vimeo.com/345346380

Our goal is to distribute our books and workshops packs to every primary school in the UK. Please help us in any way you can. All donations go towards funding workshops with children in UK schools and refugee children and families.

rafi+friends is part of and supported by charity OHOB LTD – Open Hearts Open Borders – Refugee Aid – Charity No: 1184631

To find out more about our project please contact rafi+friends: hello@rafiandfriends.com

Together we can do amazing things… 


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