Resettlement Support

For many refugees and asylum seekers, arrival in a new town or city in a different country is not just where one long journey ends, but is also where another journey begins. OHOB supports this transition by helping individuals and their families to rebuild their lives, by sourcing and providing essential household items donated by the community, or pay for the items which are achieved through funding and financial donations. Funding cuts and lack of resources means many of the individuals and families who get refugee status do not have the most basic of household items. So, we are here to help and ensure that they can set up home and begin to feel comfortable in their new life.

Our work is not limited to refugees and asylum seekers – we also support many other groups and individuals to help restart their lives or provide essential items that they may need to ease situations of circumstances due to homelessness or socio-economic status of life changes. We help supply much needed essential and household items to homeless and young people’s projects, women’s projects and homeless shelters. Our work with refugee and asylum seekers in Plymouth is achieved by working in partnership with Students and Refugees Together (START). 

We are contacted by email with a list of items needed and we will fundraise, use any grant money we have been given or do a shout out into the community to access the items. There is also at times small grants available to support resettlement and for information regarding the availability of these and the requirements please get in touch.

Helping to rebuild the lives of those who are affected by many different circumstances is an important part of who we are at OHOB. Please click below to read more about what we have supplied and how you can help.

In 2016 a government-funded community grant was stopped; this grant made it possible for many disadvantaged groups who are given accommodation to access much-needed funds to start a new life and home with household items. With the OHOB resettlement project, we were able to fill the gap and help with providing the much-needed items to set up home and begin rebuilding a new life – we wanted to provide a small piece of comfort to those in need.

Since 2016, we have we supported many different projects across Devon and Cornwall with items of food, clothing, and shelter for the homeless, baby items and toiletries for a woman’s drug rehabilitation project and a young people’s homeless project. We have supported many of the Syrian families who have been resettled in the South West with requested items and also helped dozens of other refugee families and 100’s of individuals with resettlement support.

We have purchased, or sourced from the community and delivered, dozens and dozens of essential household items including white goods – fridge freezers, washing machines, cookers and fridges – soft furnishings, beds, bedding wardrobes, sofas, microwaves, kitchen goods, crockery and we have even raised money to get an orthopedic bed! As part of the resettlement project, we have helped families to create ‘wish lists’ and we have supplied lots of baby essential items, to new mothers and various items of clothing, food, and toiletries to families or those who are destitute. We have also supplied much needed foldaway beds, and hotplates to use for those who currently have no permanent residence and in temporary accommodation or to families and individuals who are waiting to obtain cooking facilities once they have been granted status.

We always need items and funding to support resettlement, and the consumable items are always greatly appreciated – this includes: toiletries and hygiene items for men, women, and children, baby essential items (nappies, wet wipes, shampoo and lotions etc), sanitary towels, new underwear and socks for men, women and children and also tinned and dried food.

When we receive specific requests for furniture or items, we post the list in the Facebook group. Please do not donate anything which we have not requested. We are unable to take items which are not on our list. Our fundraising ensures we can continue to supply the much-needed items to refugees and asylum seekers who are living in Plymouth.

If you would like to donate either money or items to this particular project please click on the icon links below.

To donate large items or household furniture items please contact us via email with a photograph of the item –

All electrical items must be up to a safety standard, so we can only take small electrical items with an up to date PAT Test. If you have any questions please get in touch and we will do our best to answer your queries.